Víctor Erice – December 2019


Country Workshop – Víctor Erice. From analog to digital image and other stories.

From December 13 to 15, 2019.

© Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

One of the Spanish film directors most appreciated and studied by moviegoers and critics of the seventh art.
Creator of some of the most beautiful and unforgettable scenes in the history of cinema.

Workshop Description:
The finisecular experience that the cinema lived, brought with it a kind of death certificate, what from certain critical positions was understood as “the death of the cinema”. The cinema, it was said as an elegy, will no longer be the age of a man. Beyond what each one can deposit in this fact, at that moment of mourning a new era was inaugurated. The video was imposed everywhere, the analog image began to be replaced by the digital one. A mutation that has left in the air the idea of ​​the end of cinema as an artistic form.
On the other hand, the current servitude to new technologies often generates devastating fetishism. Because cinema, at least as I have perceived it, has not been as much a technique of exposing images as an art of showing. An increasingly difficult quality to find in the audiovisual. In the digital image we can change everything: the figure, the landscape, the light, the color, the framing. That is, our possibilities of control and dominance have grown, but at the same time the complexity of gestures, their portion of mystery, the intervention of chance that sometimes leads to revelation has diminished. More than capturing an image, it’s about making it. This contemporary drive is at the antipodes of the Lumière brothers’ own cinematographer’s inscription, where the world and its appearances sprouted in the photochemical image in a way that we could consider as “natural.” If we abandon this kind of inscription, can we say that, in a way, we leave the cinema?

In short, more than the notion of the art that can survive, perhaps the really worrying thing is that the absolute power that digital calculation exerts today on the image means that it is no longer about changing the world but only the image of the world.
On these and other issues – which in part will arise at random – will, in the first instance, deal with the workshop.

The Workshop includes daily morning and afternoon sessions, debates and movie viewings.
In a complementary way, whoever wishes may watch movies after each daily session.
The classroom will remain open 24 hours.

Directed to: Filmmakers, Producers, Students and Teachers of Cinema, Image and Sound, Audio-visual Communication, Writers, Scriptwriters, Actors, Fine arts … and to any person been interested in the cinema. _

Víctor Erice.

© Alessio Pizzi Cannella. Studied in Madrid, in the Official School of Cinematography (EOC), diplomándose in the speciality of Cinematographic Direction. During a time it worked as scriptwriter; later, like producer of advertising films. In 1969 it did his début as the professional director filming one of three episodes of ” The challenges “. In 1973 it rolls his first full-lenght film, ” The spirit of the beehive “, rewarded with the Golden shell in the International Festival of Cinema of San Sebastian. In 1983 it directed ” The south “, unfinished work. 1992 was the year of ” The Sun of the quince “, realized in collaboration with the painter Antonio Lopez, and presented in the Festival of Cinema of Cannes, where it obtained the Prize of the Juror and that of the International Critique (FIPRESCI). In 2002 it rolled “Illumination”, episode of ” Have Minutes Older: The Trumpet “, full-lenght film in which there intervene a series of the out-standing international directors. In 2005, attending to a request of Centre of Culture Contemporània of Barcelona, and in the context of the Exhibition ” Erice-Kiarostami: Correspondences “, it initiated the accomplishment on video of a series of shorts under the title of ” Letters to Abbas Kiarostami “. With the same motive, in December, 2005 it wrote and directed ” The Morte Rouge “, in which it evokes the first experience of a child of postwar as spectator of cinema. Simultaneously, it carried out an Installation destined for the museums, based on several Antonio’s Lopez pictures, under the title ” Noise of the world, silence of the painting “. In this time, of discontinuous form, it has been employed also at a documentary qualified series ” Memory and Dream “. In the year 2011 it rolls ” Ana, three minutes “, episode of the international full-lenght film ” To sense of home “. And in 2012 it realizes in Portugal the one that till now is his last movie, ” Vidros divided ” (” torn Crystals “), which it forms a part of the full-lenght film ” historical Center “, in which they take part also, like the directors, Manoel de Oliveira, Pedro Costa, and Aki Kaurismaki. Prices: 350 €. (Workshop + Housing + Full board in ” Marries two Walls ” + Small free catering during the accomplishment of the workshop). 330 €. (Workshop + Without Housing + Full board in ” Marries two Walls ” + Small free catering during the accomplishment of the workshop).


350 €. (Workshop + Housing + Full board in ” Marries two Walls ” + Small free catering during the accomplishment of the workshop).

330 €. (Workshop + Without Housing + Full board in ” Marries two Walls ” + Small free catering during the accomplishment of the workshop).

***  IMPORTANT NOTE: In the Workshop, there will be allowed neither the mobiles nor any type of recording – sonorous, audio-visual – of his content. 


.-Friday On December 13: Presentation and Workshop: 18:00 hours – 20:00 hours.

.-Saturday On December 14: Workshop: 10:00 hours – 14:00 hours // 16:00 hours to 20:00 hours.

.-Sunday On December 15: Workshop: 10:00 hours – 14:00 hours.

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