Txema Salvans – September 2020


Workshop in the Countryside – TXEMA SALVANS
September 25, 26 and 27, 2020

Having everyday life as a focus allows us to be photographers without a camera on a daily basis.
Being a photographer is a way to intensify the experience of place and of the present.

An opportunity to talk not only about photos.

Photography is a state of mind that I cannot forgo.
It allows me to experience intellectual pleasure, to observe the complexity of our species, to be alone, to wander and to remain in a state of contemplation that at times frees me from the need to be the protagonist of my own life. And that’s a great release.
I work very intuitively but at the same time in a manner that is very defined by a specific geographical space and a very particular human activity. The Spanish Mediterranean and how people spend their free time provide me with an excuse to talk about much more universal matters.

Description of the workshop:

By looking at his different projects and dissecting them in depth, Txema will share his creative process with us all, moving from individual photographs to series and finally to books. His aim is to transmit his passion to participants and kindle in them the desire to continue or begin their own projects.
Participants will be encouraged to talk about their experiences without filters or concessions, observing everyday life in a different way, turning reality inside out, accentuating its absurd side and highlighting things we don’t normally see due to the myopia born of habit and convention.

During breaks any participants who wish to do so can show their own work.


A notebook
If anyone would like Txema Salvans to look at their work, they should bring their portfolio in some kind of photographic medium: computer, book, paper…

Aims of the workshop:
To learn to edit, sequence, shift images into series and finally turn them into a book.

Photographers, teachers and students of Photography, Fine Arts or Audiovisual Communication, and anyone interested in photography either as a professional or an amateur.


Barcelona 1971
Studied biology but left university (though not biology) when he was awarded a
scholarship first by the International Center of Photography in New York and then by
La Fabrica directed by Olivero Toscani (Benetton, Italy).
In 1997 he won the prestigious Fotopres for two of his works: Historia de Juan Durvan,
the day-to-day life of a blind person, and Vivan los novios.
This award helped him define himself as a photodocumentalist and he began collaborating intensely with all the Spanish news media.
The media crisis was an opportunity for him to work in depth on topics that interested him and he published his first book Nice To Meet You, Photoespaña Prize.
He spent eight years working on his next project, The Waiting Game, which won the best Ibero-American Book award (Editorial RM). The book also received a Golden Laus for design (Astrid Stabro).
The project became a trilogy with the publication of The Waiting Game 2, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hamburg, and with the future publication of TWG3.
He published My Kingdom with Mack in 2018 and recently published Perfect Day, also with Mack, bringing together work from the last 12 years.
Txema Salvans keeps a balance between commissioned work for agencies, publishers and architects and his personal projects.


Perfect Day Mack 2020
My Kingdom Mack 2018
The Waiting Game 2  Editorial RM 2018, Barcelona
The Waiting Game  Editorial RM 2013, Barcelona
T. Txema Salvans  Editorial La Fábrica 2012, Barcelona
Nice to meet you Editorial Actar 2004, Barcelona

Recent exhibitions:

(2016-2017) in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hamburg “Hamburger Kunsthalle”and a retrospective in the Museum fur photographie Braunschweig.


300€ (Workshop + full board and lodging in the Casa dos Muros + light snacks during the workshop)

280€ (Workshop + full board (without lodging) in the Casa dos Muros+ light snacks during the workshop)



Friday, September 25: Introduction and Workshop. 18:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs

Saturday, September 26: Workshop. 10:00 hrs – 14:00 hrs / 16:00 – 20:00 hrs

Sunday, September 27: Workshop. 10:00 hrs – 14:00 hrs.

We begin with dinner on Friday evening and finish with lunch on Sunday (both included).

Places are limited and will be filled strictly in order of registration.

Registration is open until the first day of the workshop.

The workshop will be given in Spanish.

We have a room specifically adapted to the requirements of the health authorities, among them, the reduction of capacity for conducting the workshops.

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