La Plantación

La Plantación. Encuentros y Conocimiento is an interactive project which encourages the cultivation and sharing of experiences around different arts.

To this end, we organize encounters between authors and interested individuals continuously over time.

Our aim is that each of these encounters should be something more than a training workshop. We adapt each proposal to a specific duration in order to encourage the exchange of experiences, create a good living environment, and accommodate a multidisciplinary approach which goes beyond traditional approaches to teaching.

The encounters are open to anyone (professional or otherwise) who feels the need to expand their knowledge and interests in the field of the arts.

Our main focus is on photography and cinema, although we are also interested in graphic design, illustration, music and literature.

We aim to provide ongoing development within our field, staying attentive to initiatives and needs expressed by participants, and offering encounters and workshops of the highest possible quality.

Different workshop formats depend on where workshops take place and how long they last. Express Workshops, Long Workshops, One-Off Workshops and Technical Workshops normally take place in a city, usually Ourense.

Workshops in the Countryside (the most common modality) and Summer Workshops usually run over a weekend or for a week in summer and are held in a country holiday house in the Ribeira Sacra, the ‘Casa dos Muros’.

We invite international speakers whom we think have something valuable to offer and share. In addition to Spain, participants come from Portugal, France, Switzerland, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, Canada and many other countries.

We aim to improve with each new proposal and for this reason give great importance to the relationship between speakers, participants and organizers.

We make the price for each type of workshop as competitive as possible, in keeping with our aim of having the project reach the greatest number of people and be sustainable.

La Plantación. Encuentros y Conocimiento is a private initiative launched in October of 2014 in Ourense. The project has no connections to any cultural or political institutions and since its inception has developed completely independently. It is wholly financed by the registration fees paid by participants without any external financing, grants or subsidies.

The project is directed by Elisa Pereira.